Church of Gnostic Luminism


XII. Church Structure and Affiliation





As mentioned above, membership in the Church of Gnostic Luminism will be defined as general agreement with the Church’s stated positions, as roughly outlined in this document. If, after reading it carefully, you find yourself to be in essential agreement with it, then you are a member already. You need only make yourself known to be recognized.

There will be no “dues,” but members will be asked to contribute what they can, however they think best, to ongoing and potential Church projects.

All decisions, at every level, will be made by unanimous consensus of all persons involved. There will be no hierarchy; every person will have an equal right to propose projects and volunteer for tasks.

Cooperative Network

The membership of the Church of Gnostic Luminism will be a cooperative network of sovereign individuals, united and focused on the common goals of attaining higher consciousness and quickening worldwide social evolution, for the mutual benefit of all sentient beings.

Public Acknowledgment

Members will be invited to affirm their dedication to the pursuit of personal and social Illumination (Revelation and Revolution), ceremonially, in the presence of other members and invited guests.

Church Offices

Members who are qualified, or who accept training, may volunteer to fulfill specific tasks for the Church, including the following positions:

  Priest and Priestess: will prepare and organize ecclesiastical functions, including rituals and ceremonies; and may provide counseling and the healing arts.

Scribe: will maintain the Library and Archives of the Church, oversee the publication and distribution of Church documents, and handle official Church correspondence.

Alchemist: will undertake the acquisition, production, and oversight of the physical sacraments of the Church.

Missionary: will promulgate the message and mission of the Church to the world.

Knight: will pledge to establish and maintain the security of the Church. Responsibilities may include such areas as maintaining telecommunications privacy, protecting the security of meetings and offices, and interfacing with legal officials. Special Crusades may be proposed and undertaken, such as, for example, a concerted attempt to end the persecution of the psychedelic churches.

Ambassador: will communicate and intercede with other Churches, other social organizations, and the general public, on behalf of the Church; will handle the Church’s public relations.


The Church of Gnostic Luminism will seek communication, dialogue, and ecumenical association with other Churches and spiritual organizations that share essential aspects of our doctrine and belief. We are a part of a broad, largely clandestine movement of consciousness based spirituality, and we look forward to an eventual thaw in the world’s political climate that will allow us to proclaim and practice our religion without persecution or repression. The following groups have publicly expressed certain views that are congruent with our own.

Church of All Worlds,

Church of Cognitive Therapy,

Church of Cognizance,

Church of the Awakening,

Church of Reality,

Church of the Sacred Mushroom,

Church of the Universe,

Council on Spiritual Practices,

Ecclesia Gnostica

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, 

Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum, 

Ecclesia Pistis Sophia, 

Entheogenic Reformation Church, 

Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, 

Fane of the Psilocybe Mushroom Association,

Gnostic Church of LVX,

Israel Zion Coptic Church

Minnesota River Valley Sanctuary,

Peyote Way Church of God

Rainbow Family of Living Light

Santo Daime,

Temple of the True Inner Light,

Universal Life Church

Groups that wish to be added to or deleted from this list, please get in touch.



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